Top 10 Meanings of Lavender Aura Emitted by People


People with violet auras tend to be intuitive, psychic and mystic. They have vivid imaginations which lead them into fantasy worlds and believe they can connect to mystical realms.

Orange-hued auras prioritize relationships and tend to possess an intuitive ability for collaboration. Furthermore, they possess energy and an adventurous nature.

1. Dreamer

People with lavender aura possess an active imagination and excel in many forms of creativity, such as mimes, writers, artists and interior designers.

Parents often view children who shirk adult responsibilities and live in their fantasy world as irresponsible; however, this behavior allows children to express themselves creatively while showing different points of view about life.

Romantic partners should make them feel secure and nurtured, taking care of all their financial responsibilities without them feeling trapped within the relationship, otherwise this may result in insomnia, body pains, exhaustion and depression if left untreated.

2. Lover

Being drawn to lavender hues means you enjoy fantasy, magic and spiritual beliefs – such as angels, fairies and other mythical creatures that populate your inner world.

Your fantasy life includes butterfly pictures, flower arrangements and wood nymphs as opposed to dirt and concrete in reality. Finding balance can be challenging as you try to connect fantasy and real life experiences.

Your world may seem lost and confused; perhaps you want to help restore order through spiritual advice or psychic predictions. Perhaps your gift of empathy reveals itself by knowing how others feel without them sharing it; this could cause problems in relationships if neglected physical needs.

3. Mystic

Lavender-colored auras have long been associated with spirituality. People with these auras tend to have an easy connection with their spirit guides, are highly intuitive and possess powerful imagination.

Lavenders tend to live in a fantasy world of dreams where everything is beautiful and charming. These thoughts often include concepts such as fantasy, enhancement, dreams, myths, spiritual beings, angels, and fairies which they find captivating; three-dimensional reality appears too cold and harsh for them to handle.

Lavenders are gentle and free spirits who enjoy daydreaming or watching clouds float by. To escape reality with its demands and responsibilities, lavenders need partners that take care of mundane matters while providing enough freedom to continue living their fanciful worlds. Their mystic aura often manifests itself through careers as artists, actors and writers.

4. Intuitive

Lavender people tend to have an in-depth spiritual relationship with themselves and are highly intuitive. Naturally creative, these people express their imagination through writing, dance and art – often opting for freedom when living their lives and prefer creative industries as their preferred profession.

People with lavender aura tend to thrive in an imaginary world where they can play and daydream freely. Fantasy, enchantment, dreams, myths, spiritual beings, angels and fairies fill their thoughts while physical reality feels cold and hard for them.

Lavenders tend to neglect their bodies, leading them to often have health issues as a result. Their energy can easily be affected by other people and they have the tendency to withdraw during times of conflict; as a result, lavenders need partners that take great care to nourishing and take good care in giving care.

5. Visionary

Lavenders are gentle free spirits who love to playfully explore their imaginations. They spend much of their time daydreaming and are easily distracted. Lavenders prefer living in their own fantasy-filled world where life is beautiful and charming; dreams, myths, spiritual beings, angels and fairies often fill their thoughts.

They often find money difficult to understand and relate to; finding it tedious and degrading. Working tirelessly just so they can survive can become tiresome and exhausting for them.

Partners that take care to oversee financial matters and daily responsibilities would make their lives the happiest. It is also important for them to remember they have physical bodies which need taking care of if they forget that doing so could impact on their health negatively.

6. Healer

People with lavender auras enjoy helping others as well as themselves to heal. Their spiritual vibration is high and often allows for insight into higher dimensions or imagined realities. People in such careers as art, teaching, writing, set design or interior decorating thrive under this influence.

Dreamy minds like to dwell in a fantasy world filled with angels, fairies, flowers, woods and nymphs. Instead of focusing on grimy streets and cities nearby, these individuals prefer looking at vibrant images from space rather than dirt and dust in everyday life.

Lavender aura individuals are gentle free spirits who don’t enjoy being restrained by rules, making them happier when their partners take care of daily responsibilities and finances for them. Through playing with imagination they are also able to heal themselves while helping other people do the same.

7. Compassionate

People with lavender aura have an active imagination and are highly creative. They often experience vivid dreams or fantasies and can communicate with those on the other side. Although these individuals tend to be warmhearted and kindhearted towards others, they may become oversensitive at times.

Lavenders prefer living in their imagined worlds. They spend much of their time away from society, with their minds filled with fairytale characters like fairies and angels as well as spiritual beings such as fairies. Lavenders enjoy gazing upon images from nature such as flowers, rainbows, wood and nymphs rather than facing reality and its dirt.

Lifestyle issues may make it challenging for them to remain healthy. They must pay more attention to their physical bodies and take steps to balance out their energy, or else health problems may develop quickly.

8. Spiritual

People with lavender aura tend to be spiritual and attuned with their inner world, often serving as spiritual advisors, psychics or religious figures. Additionally, these individuals tend to be very sensitive and compassionate.

Individuals who prefer an exaggerated life often lack responsibility and understanding money issues, often spending too much energy daydreaming instead of working. Unfortunately, this often leads to health problems as their bodies degenerate rapidly due to a lack of energy.

Art and theater careers are great choices for these creative individuals who enjoy exploring their imagination and creativity through various artistic mediums. As gentle souls who don’t take well to following rules, they require partners that can provide an ideal atmosphere while managing financial matters effectively.

9. Peaceful

People with lavender auras tend to be gentle free spirits who enjoy exploring their imaginations and creating their own fairytale worlds. These individuals favor magical concepts such as fantasy, enchantment, dreams and spiritual beings over practical matters such as money management or daily obligations.

Sensitive people often struggle to comprehend why others must work so hard for financial security, feeling that money is dirty and dislike that it requires so much energy to earn.

People who work best in tranquil, low-stress environments allow them time and space to daydream and playfully explore their imaginations, while naturally tending toward peace over conflict; indeed, peaceable people tend not to like confrontation of any sort – peacefulness describes who these folks truly are!

10. Loyal

People with lavender aura often choose to ignore adult responsibilities and live in a world created by themselves instead. While this may appear irresponsible, it may just be intentional as they feel their obligations are unimportant and prefer living their fantasy world instead.

Lavenders thrive in stress-free environments where they can daydream and focus on creative tasks. Unfortunately, these individuals can have difficulty focusing in a typical office job and sometimes forget their orders at restaurants.

Free spirits tend to find fulfillment when their partners can alleviate their financial issues and take care of them, or find fulfillment when their partner nurtures and makes them feel nourished. Unfortunately, however, their proclivity towards spending their money on crystals, clothing or ornamental jewelry often leads them down a path toward debt and insolvency issues.