How to Make Your Wedding Ring Stand Out in Style


An engagement ring symbolizes your undying affection and commitment to one another, serving as a constant reminder of everything the two of you have accomplished together and the exciting new adventures ahead.

Wedding rings can be customized to reflect both your personal style and the special ties between couples. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Add a Halo

Add a halo to your ring for an eye-catching addition, making the center stone appear larger and adding extra shine and sparkle! A halo is composed of gemstones or diamonds encircling it; see an example here. Halos add an eye-catching visual element that brings life and dimension to any piece.

Add a halo to your engagement ring for an updated aesthetic or use this design element on other jewelry pieces – wedding bands and more. Additionally, it may even be possible to have one added onto an existing ring by visiting a jeweler and having both rings soldered together.

If you opt for this approach, it is essential that the replacement ring matches both in terms of style and grade of diamond to ensure the halo isn’t too large or small in comparison with your original diamond ring. Halo rings have become extremely fashionable and can help your diamond stand out among crowds of rings.

Double halo settings offer another great choice, featuring two concentric circles of diamonds surrounding your center stone in two concentric rings. This can create the appearance of larger and brighter stone; especially attractive on yellow gold or rose gold bands. For an exotic touch, your halo could even feature colorful gemstones such as sapphire or topaz!

Try a Heirloom

As your wedding ring will become an important symbol of you and your spouse’s union for years to come, it’s crucial that it reflects both of your personal styles and values. Although many couples opt for matching bands to create an elegant ensemble look, there are lots of creative ways you can make yours stand out!

Add modern flair by selecting metals with distinctive finishes like brushed, hammered or black carbon fiber; alternatively you could go more classic by opting for milgrain detailing or art deco features. Another way to personalize your ring is adding engraving inside which can help commemorate the date or an important message for both of you.

If you’re searching for an elegant yet simple style ring to complement or stand in lieu of your engagement ring, choosing a simple style could be ideal. Not only will it complement its surroundings beautifully and elegantly but will also complement your lifestyle when worn daily.

For instance, if your lifestyle involves plenty of handwork or exposure to chemicals, selecting a band with low prongs that won’t get damaged would likely be best. Conversely, if you favor boho or vintage styles in jewellery then more intricate rings might better match their aesthetics.

Add a Personal Engraving

Engraving a wedding ring with a special message is the ultimate way to personalize it and show how much you care. Incorporating important dates, initials intertwined or meaningful phrases that only the two of you understand as part of their union will leave an everlasting mark of your love and commitment.

Choose something meaningful to both of you – perhaps it’s a line from a song with special meaning for both of you, a quote from a book or poem you both admire, or the coordinates of an important place such as where you first met or became engaged – as an inscribed phrase on your wedding band.

If you enjoy making people laugh, consider engraving an amusing message that will bring a smile to their faces. Make sure both of you agree on this decision or it could come off as inappropriate or offensive in the future.

If you need help selecting your rings, ask the best man and maid of honor to provide their opinion. They should be able to tell if something sounds odd or off, as well as provide another set of eyes on what might work better for your wedding. Remember that engraving your rings after marriage could also be a fun way of commemorating milestones such as having children or purchasing your dream home; or have it personalized by engraving an inside joke between the two of you so it remains funny for years afterward!

Add a Gemstone

If you want to upgrade your ring without altering its silhouette or shape, gemstones could be just what’s needed. Not only are they stunningly sparkly but their wide array of colors makes this option especially suitable if it feels as though your current stone has lost some sparkle; simply add diamonds onto an existing band or switch out for something more interesting like sapphire, ruby, or emerald stones instead.

We love stacked looks when done right! To achieve it successfully, the key is finding bands that complement each other in style and texture, fitting perfectly together like puzzle pieces. Add a halo of gems in various hues for added impact; for instance if your blue sapphire engagement ring features one sapphire stone you could also include red rubies to give your stack an untraditional aesthetic that still feels perfectly suitable on your wedding day.

No matter your ring-collecting experience level, it can always be fun to experiment with different looks. From classic diamonds to eye-catching alternatives, upgrade options allow you to express your personal style!

Add a V French-Set Band

At some point in your life, your current wedding band may start to seem out-of-date and become an uncomfortable reminder of an earlier chapter in your life. This could happen for various reasons – maybe you jumped onto an old trend that no longer speaks to you or perhaps years have gone by and now don’t love your engagement ring as much anymore – regardless of its cause, there’s nothing wrong with upgrading it with something more suited to who you are now.

One effective way of doing this is with a v-french-set band ring, featuring its signature look of marquise shape with rose cut diamonds – perfect for anyone seeking timeless yet eye-catching jewelry!

If you’re searching for an understated upgrade to your wedding ring, consider opting for a plain gold or platinum band instead of diamond-set rings. Plain bands provide a beautiful complement to solitaire engagement rings by keeping their focus where it should be: on your diamond. Additionally, plain bands may also be more suitable for those who work with their hands as they won’t risk diamonds being knocked loose from gloves during work or getting caught between their fingers when using tools.

Make your ring even more memorable by adding an anniversary or push ring. This tradition is popular among couples celebrating milestones in their marriage such as an anniversary or child’s birth, usually smaller rings than the main wedding band and featuring engraving of an important date or symbol for that specific event.

Add a Stylish Finish

As an iconic piece of jewelry that will remain with you forever, your wedding ring should reflect both you and your partner in some meaningful way. From timeless classic designs to more trendy contemporary options, finding the ideal style that makes your rings truly stand out is key for creating lasting memories together.

Hand-engraving rings is one of the easiest, yet most impactful ways to personalize them and showcase your relationship. A centuries-old lover’s tradition, inscribing an intimate phrase or date can serve as a beautiful memento that symbolizes your union with each other.

Wedding bands with metal finishes that stand out can add a dramatic flair and make an impressionful statement about who wears it. Popular options for this feature are polished, satin, hammered or pebbled finishes as well as wire brushed, soft brush finished, sandblasted or florentine finishes with hundreds of tiny raised sections of metal in an almost weaved pattern – these styles create the ultimate statement piece!

When photographing rings, it is key to keep styling and lighting consistent across each image in order to create a professional-looking collection of photos for use in albums, blog posts or social media! By doing this, your engagement/wedding albums, blog posts or social media will benefit greatly!