About Us

Cheers, and welcome to our friendly online community!

Are you tired of your addiction, taking over your life and poisoning your relationship with your loved ones? Are you ready to try turning things around and move forward to a new beginning? 

This site is committed to helping people like you get the help and support you need. 

Who We Are, Our Approach, and Philosophy

We are a self-supporting group and is not affiliated with other organizations. Here at Sancanational, we don’t judge. Rather we understand and support. 

We believe in the tremendous power of online support for people who want to quit from drinking and drug addiction. Self-awareness, acceptance, sobriety, and self-help are the fundamental principles of our organization. As an organization who want to help individuals dealing with alcohol and substance dependency get support in finding the path to recovery through self-awareness, sharing experiences, hopes, and encouragement, our mission is to become a supportive abstinence-based recovery online platform and help people turn their lives around. 

Online Community Support

We provide a positive online environment where you can talk honestly and openly. Here you can find group support who will listen and truly understand what you are going through. We are also here to share tips and techniques to empower you to live a sober and fulfilled life. 

We hope to be your support system and source of learning. Read through our page’s group sharing where you can learn from the experience of others and gain insights from the experts. Get advice on how you can reshape your thoughts from people who have dealt with their own issues of alcohol and substance addiction.

Sober Support Tools

Check out our free excellent sober help tools designed to help you keep track on your journey towards living sober. Aside from our insightful reading materials, you can also find healthy recipes and drink alternatives, inspirational quotes, and tips to manage your feelings. We know that substance dependency often starts with unmanaged emotions and personal issues. And, the best way to start living a sober life is to deal with these negative feelings firsthand.

Success Stories

There are as many success stories as there are many ways to cope up with addiction. Find inspiration from the success stories of the members of our organization who have struggled and triumph against their drug and alcohol dependency. Take comfort and hope, and be inspired with how others achieved a sober and more meaningful life with a hopeful future.